Maera lives as an outcast by choice. Guilt-ridden over her past, she hopes only for the punishment she deserves. But when a gobelin warrior steps out of thin air to claim her, Maera is torn between the debt she owes her people, and the selfish yearnings of her own heart.

Tal is the lowest gobelin, the cursed brother of the horde’s greatest warrior. When he stumbles onto a legendary castle, however, he believes his luck is about to change.  But the horde’s enemies have found the thing as well, and Tal’s brother breaks gobelin law to chase a human who is more trouble than she’s worth.

Now Tal and Maera are the only ones who can save his brother, the one person they both love and the only thing they can agree on. If they fail, the horde will never believe them, and the castle of prophecy will fall into enemy hands. If they succeed, they’ll have to stand together against the full fury of the gobelin horde…


Author Adriane Ceallaigh was a beta reader for Horded, and she's posted a really wonderful tribute to the book on her blog here: 

Okay, it's not just about Horded, but she's been an awesome friend, a great fan of Kingdoms Gone and a wonderful support to me along the way. I can't express how tickled I am that she loved this book. 
She is my Gobelin champion! And now, I'm about to introduce the elves...a unicorn, and even more imps in book Three, Forgotten. 

Back to they keyboard!
~ Frances